Project Description
Adds functionality to the SharePoint graphical interface to allow end-users to add document library items to a Quick Deploy content deployment job.

The SharePoint graphical interface does not expose a mechanism to allow an end-user to include document library items in a Quick Deploy content deployment job. Sometimes pages outside of SharePoint can depend on or reference documents or images stored in SharePoint. This project allows the end-user to add document library items to the next quick-deploy job.

When the feature is installed and activated, a new context menu item "Add to Quick Deploy" appears on document library items. Clicking the menu item takes you to an .aspx page that confirms that the item was added to the next Quick Deploy job. Clicking the OK button takes you back to the document library.

After running the install.bat file (see note below), you will of course have to go to Central Admin - Operations - Solution Management, click the quickdeploydoc.wsp and deploy it to the site of your choice. Then, you'll have to go to that site, Site Actions - Site Settings - Modify All Site Settings, Site Collection Administration, Site collection features to activate "Quick Deploy Doc Feature". I believe you can also script out those last parts, but I was trying to be rather generic since I don't know your particular setup.

I use WSP Builder on CodePlex to generate the .wsp file right from Visual Studio 2008.

Note: You will have to modify the install.bat file in the .zip file to point to your own .wsp file location.

The code is based on a blog posting I found on the UK SharePoint Team blog: Thanks Pete for a great article.

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